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Relatable causes of hair fall and their respective solutions

by kapil rajwar 02 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Relatable causes of hair fall and their respective solutions


Hair fall, ever wondered how common this thing is in our day-to-day lives? Sometimes it’s fewer times it’s more but the commonality is its inevitability. You often see it as a problem but the truth is its a natural process for new hair to take place. Then when is the time for concern and seeing it as a problem to be solved?

Ideally losing 50-100 hair every day is normal but it’s not possible to keep track of it. These are the signs of concerning hair fall, if you see it then neglecting it can be a mistake;

  • More than often hair in comb or drainage of the bathroom.

  • Receding hairline.

  • Noticeable depreciation of your hair density.

  • Thinning of your tied pony.

  • Thickening of a partition line of hair.

  • More visibility of scalp than usual.

Now you know the signs of problematic hair fall but for the right solution right cause is what you need to know. Here they are, keep reading.

 1. Aging 

Aging is inevitable, hair fall gets severe gradually or sometimes suddenly as we age. This happens majorly due to the hormonal changes we go through. For instance, at the time of menopause hair follicles produce finer hair and sometimes stop producing hair because it stops being stimulation.

Dermatologists say that when we age our hair follicles age too. They get thinner and start producing finer hair. Also, the rate of falling increases than the rate of new hair production. This results in a lesser volume of hair and baldness.



  • Use natural hair care products that are free from harmful chemicals so that you don’t have an additional reason for losing hair.

  • Work out enough to stay functional, and make sure your body has a good flow of blood every day. It will keep your follicles healthy as long as possible.

  • Make sure you prefer eating nutritious food which covers all the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. For instance, add more raw veggies to your lunch and eat fruits in the morning every day.

 2. Genetic

Androgenetic alopecia(genetic hair loss) is one of the most common reasons for hair fall. In such cases, hair follicles are pre-programmed to go thinner with age. There’s an active form of testosterone called DHT, it reduces the phase of hair growth when it's a case of genetic hair loss.

 In males, hereditary hair loss or baldness shows up at an early stage compared to females where generally it starts at the age of menopause. 



  • There are medications like minoxidil available over the counter which can help in slowing the process of genetic hair loss.

  • Consult a doctor and go through proper medical treatments, most such cases show a positive result. There’s no complete cure for it but the process of hereditary hair loss can be slowed down.

  • Avoid over-styling your hair or using hair care products that have harmful chemicals which can damage your hair in the long run.

  • Don’t take too much stress from it.


3. Autoimmune Condition

Autoimmune conditions manipulate our immune system and let it attack our organs and cells resulting in many physical problems including sudden hair loss. In 2015 autoimmune diseases were very common in the US holding more than 24 million number of customer and in India, it was very rare. But over time lots and lots of cases of this weird disease have been reserved. This condition is a set of more than 80 decreases. 

Cases of autoimmune conditions are coming from all genders and age groups. The symptoms include swollen glands, skin issues, hair loss, joint pain, and recurring fever. Here’s the list of a few most frequently registered diseases,

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Endometriosis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Psoriasis

  • Ulcerative colitis 



Go and see a doctor if any of the symptoms have been experienced, don’t take it for granted.


4. Illness or Medication

Some diseases and their treatment cause temporary(mostly) hair loss. For instance, covid 19 and its treatment have given the problem of increased hair fall to most of its patients. The good part is with the help of a nutritional diet and a healthy lifestyle this problem of increased hair loss faded away to some extent.  

Medications also react differently from patient to patient depending on their different physiology. So the experience of this side effect is different for everyone, the good part is after the course of treatment hair fall comes down to normal.



Be patient with the course of treatment and let it finish its course. If the problem doesn’t get solved by itself after some time then definitely consult a doctor.

 5. Stress

Mental stress and physical stress, of them, cuts a huge toll on our health including our digestive system, sleep cycle, skin, and hair fall. Hair fall goes above the level of normal when you are stressed out too much. Stress affects directly our natural cell regeneration cycle and follicles’ ability to produce healthy hair.



  • Meditation and regular practice of meditation will help you in managing almost every kind of stress.

  • Break from a hectic schedule or a short break by taking a walk and having some fresh air.

  • The workout will help you as it releases the happy hormone after every session of the workout.

  • Not taking everything too seriously, let it be, or let it go. Nothing is worthy of your inner peace.

 6. Hormonal changes

Over some time, our body goes through multiple stages where our hormones evolve. At every gateway of such change, the rate of hair fall also gets affected. In women, these hormonal changes are very frequent compared to men as they go through the menstrual cycle every month, and go through pregnancy which also impacts their hormones, and at the stage of menopause, the rate of hair fall changes too. 

In men, these are very gradual as they ages. In case of change in lifestyle, diet, workout or any other such thing hormones go through a change as well. Change in metabolism affects our system as well resulting in increased or decreased hair fall. 



  • Stay patient, in most cases, the hair fall will come to normal gradually.

  • If it takes too long then consult a dermatologist.

  • Stick to natural and safe hair care products.


7. Improper Hair Care

Your hair’s health depends on what you apply to them. Your shampoo, conditioner, oil, styling products, blow dry and so and so. Few ingredients in these products can hinder your hair’s growth and result in increased hair fall, thinning of hair, damaged hair, and clog scalp resulting in the oily, itchy and problematic scalp. 

The frequency and intensity of using products or drying hair affect your hair fall cycle too. For instance, if you blow-dry more frequently and intensely then it can result in a weakened hair follicle and make your hair fall more than usual. Using a dirty cap or any other accessory can also make them fall more often.



  • Try different products and observe your hair then stick to them which made less damage to your hair.

  • Invest in natural and toxin-free shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

  • Whenever blow drying your hair, make sure the temperature is not too hot and at least 15 centimeters is maintained between hair and drier. 

  • Avoid chemical treatments as much as possible which can ruin your hair’s health in long run.

  • Use accessories and pillow covers that are clean and provide the least friction with your hair.

 8. Nutritional Deficiencies

Well, a balanced diet is very essential for our overall well-being, this applies to our hair follicles as well as they produce every strand cell by cell. A protein and nutritional diet play a crucial role in our hair’s health and growth rate. 

Dermatologists say that over 60% of hair fall cases are due to an imbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle.



  • Make sure you have an ample amount of protein, vitamin A, B-7(biotin), C, D, and E in your diet.

  • If not sure, consult a doctor and get your blood tested to know the exact report of nutrition deficiency. Then take the essential prescribed supplements. 

9. Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Increased blood sugar level impacts follicles directly making them fragile and decreasing hair growth rate. Elevated blood glucose leads to more than usual hair fall such hair fall can be a sign of pre-diabetes.

 A prolonged hike in blood sugar can cause permanent damage to follicles as they hinder the blood flow in them. 


  • Have a balanced diet and if experience such a case then consult your doctor.

  • Use products that have ingredients that will promote blood flow and hair growth.

  • Take proper medication in case of increased blood sugar levels.


10. Dandruff

Dandruff occurs naturally on our scale, the main cause is a microbe known as Malassezia globe. This microbe feeds on our naturally present sebum oil and forms oleic acid. That acid cause scalp irritation and our brain send a signal to our body to shed the upper layer of the scalp which results in dandruff. Now, this is the main and basic cause of dandruff, there are other factors as well like weather changes, hair care products, changes in diet or lifestyle, stress, and such things.


Now the good part is normal dandruff does not cause hair loss but the severe one does damage our hair follicles. This leads to thinning of hair and sometimes hinders hair growth too.



  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair and controls dandruff.

  • Have a balanced diet containing enough amount of zinc and B vitamins as it promotes hair growth.

  • Consult your dermatologists if it gets severe and causes hair loss.

  • Use clean pillow covers, hats, and other such accessories.



 Suggested Products: All natural and vegan products, will be perfect for everyday use without causing any skin issues. Miel Natural has the perfect pair of shampoo and conditioners which are enriched with organ oil, onion oil, aloe vera, and other super ingredients to control your hair fall from 4th wash only. You can consider them as your savior for hair fall issues.

 Suggested Activities: Any form of physical activity which will ensure the ample amount of blood flow in your body. It can be a workout, yoga, running, dance, jogging, or as simple as daily walks.

 Suggested Practices: Healthy lifestyle, usage of clean pillow covers and head accessories, meditation, balanced diet, and proper sleep routine.

 In addition, keep observing the cycle of hair fall and consult a doctor if any sudden increment occurs in it. 


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