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8 steps to Make Your Skin and Hair Winter Ready

by kapil rajwar 01 Dec 2022 0 Comments

8 steps to Make Your Skin and Hair Winter Ready


What comes to your mind when you hear winter has come? Warm clothes, lots of food, the best periods of sleep, longer and colder nights? Yes, we welcome them with open arms but what about the uninvited guests? Dry hair, hair fall, dry and flaky skin? If you can relate to these problems then keep reading, you just need to follow eight steps to make your skin and hair winter ready.  
Let us understand the cause and problem before jumping straight to solutions and conclusions;


What causes skin and hair problems in winter?

Winter affects more to people with thin and dry skin more, as their skin lacks natural oil which makes them super dry in winter whereas people with thick skin don’t experience too much dryness as their skin naturally contains a more sufficient amount of natural oil. Similarly, if we discuss hair’s situation, thin hair experiences problems like fizziness, dryness, hair breakage, and dandruff(in the case of dry and sensitive scalp). 
Following are the specific reasons causing skin and hair issues;


Sudden change in temperature

In cold and dry air cuticles of hair lift slightly making them lose the contact with moisture layer of the scalp. This results in dry and fizzy hair, and it results in hair breakage too. 


In addition, the cold and dry air can pull off the moisture from the skin resulting in cracking or bleeding in thin and dry skin. Such conditions may get worse by the end of the winter if not treated.


Change in humidity, 

Ever experienced a change in skin condition while traveling? As per the studies, this happens due to the change in humidity during winters, as in winters when the humidity level goes down it results in depletion of moisture in the air. This will make your hair and skin feel dry. In case you have sensitive skin or allergy-prone skin, then low humidity can make it even worse.


We all know how too much sun exposure can damage our skin cells. But in winter when our skin loses its natural moisture and becomes dry the sun damage gets more severe. Thin and dry skin can experience red or black patches, increase in skin irritation and tan can become severe too if your skin gets too much sun exposure in winter.


Cold air

Ever experienced flaky and dry skin when you head out in winter? Even if you apply a decent amount of moisturizer your skin can get worse if it gets exposed to cold air directly for too long. All the skin problems can aggravate if cold air hits your skin and hair in this season.



Let’s move towards solutions. Despite this harsh season, would you sit inside all day and night? Don’t worry, you won’t have to. Here are simple 8 steps you can follow and be winter ready;



So basic, right? According to research, over 71% of people tend to drink less water in winter. Water maintains the level of hydration in our body. It keeps our organs, skin, and hair healthy. We tend to drink hot beverages like tea or coffee in winter but if we just maintain a habit of drinking hydrating drinks like warm lemon water, it can be a savior in winter.


Use Soap Free Face Cleanser

SLS and SLES are usually present in foaming face washes, their regular usage can dry out your skin. It is highly recommended by dermatologists to use a soap-free face cleanser, especially in winter. It should be capable enough to cleanse your skin without making it too dry.


Serum, Moist, and Sunscreen

Heard of this serum before? No? It’s the right time to get your hands on this amazing product. The serum is made up of high-quality ingredients that directly penetrate your skin. In winter, you should apply a light lotion over the serum to lock its properties and benefits. 
In addition to that, never miss sunscreen. If you are going to spend your whole day in your office then SPF 15 can be enough but if you are planning to step out then apply one with a higher SPF. As we have mentioned before, the sun does some serious damage in winter so it is very important to apply sunscreen before heading out in winter.

Condition Your Hair More Often

Because your scalp dries out in winter your hair loses its nutrition and texture. In such cases, you can use the conditioner at least twice a week to keep your hair healthy. You can also try hair masque as it will also help to restore your hair’s health in this dry season. 

Say No to Hair Drier

Winter brings cold temperatures, cold air, lesser humidity, and more sun damage which pulls out your hair’s nutrition making it dry again. Then why add one more damage-provoking step? Excess use of hair driers can damage your hair’s natural shine making it dull and rough. In winter the hot air coming from drier can damage your hair severely, so better just air dry them and avoid using hair driers.

Mild Exfoliation Once a Week

Over-exfoliation can damage your skin in this season lot but zero exfoliation can result in clogged pores, acne, and other skin issues. That’s why mild exfoliation once a week can help you maintain your healthy skin.



Have you experienced dry skin when you woke up this season? If yes then it’s because of the less humidity in the air. Infusing your room with a humidifier can be a great idea to create the perfect sleeping environment for your skin and help it regain its natural moisture. These days humidifiers are not very costly, and investing in one can be very beneficial during winter.



Try to maintain a balanced nutritious diet in winter. For example, adequate consumption of vitamin C can help your skin to produce more collagen which will strengthen its natural barrier against this harsh season. Also, adding protein to your diet can keep your hair fall under the control and maintain its natural health.
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